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  • Time for Change

    With increasing demand for online purchasing, more and more businesses are moving to e-store from brick and mortar stores. Day by day e-commerce is expanding tremendously because of its complete range of benefits that any industry vertical can enjoy. Due to increasing demand of e-commerce Good Time Coin(GTY) comes.
    GTY is a decentralized cryptocurrency, It has a great scope in future. We have great plans for to grow our business. So be part of it. It will change your life.
  • Safe and Reliable

    Good Time Coin(GTY) Token is uses Ethereum Blockchain and all Ethereum related tools and software.
    It is Backed by Ethereum Blockchain that's why it is more safe and reliable platform.
  • Convenience and Easiness

    For user Convenience and Easiness e-commerce can save their lots of time as well as money. So Good Time Coin(GTY) helps user to use cryptocurrency and take benefit of wide range of products and services on our e-commerce platform.

Token Pre-Sale

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Pre-Sale1.5 Crore25%$0.12 23-03-201820-04-2018

Why Choose Good Time Coin

Use for e-commerce

Good Time Coin(GTY) Token is basically designed for e-commerce platform. Due to high Demand of Online Stores GTY is a best option for anyone. It has great potential and will grow drastically in coming years. It will be used by the users to buy various products and services on our e-commerce platform. So be part of it.

Best Investment

We have a strong team of experienced professional with great competence in e-commerce industry. So GTY is the best investment platform where you can invest money and make money. We will provide a better platform for our valuable customers in long term.

Safe and Reliable

We are providing safe and reliable system which is backed by Ethereum Blockchain.

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